President’s Welcome Message

On behalf of our faculty, staff, board of directors and your fellow evelynstudents, I would like to welcome you to Cambridge Institute of Science and Technology.
At CIST, we strive for an open, respectful and welcoming educational environment which is responsive to the needs of our students.

We are proud of our experienced and dedicated staff who are deeply sensitive to the cultural diversity of our students. Their academic and practical knowledge prepares our students to enter the global stage with renewed confidence.

I wish you all great success in your academic years at CIST and greater success in your future career.

Evelyn Scott
Vice President

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The Science Inversion Tables

Your back is stressed everyday by standing, seating in chairs and more importantly gravity. The effects of gravity has on your back is often seen with lower back pain or even stiffness. Studies have been conducted to see how effective is inversion tables for back pain. There has been studies to suggest that this can help back pain for a number of people, but there still issues with people that might have some health issues that shouldn’t use the tables.

Science Suggest That Inversion Tables Can Benefit Your Back

Yes, the science suggest that you can benefit from using inversion table. The benefits of a inversion table can be seen quick clear in a number of studies.  The reason why inversion tables can help fix your back is because it allows a decompression of the spine. When the spine is decompressed, it’s allowed to decompress the joints and to use gravity to pull you down in the oppose direction.

When you use gravity against the typical aspect of how the spine is pulled each day, it allows the spine to aline more naturally and release air from your spine vertebrae. They are able to stretch apart allowing them to be in profit alignment.

Should You Buy A Inversion Table?

The chances are if you’re facing backspin then, yes you should buy a inversion table for sure. They are the cure and you should check with a doctor before using them, but they can be pretty helpful and easy to use. When buying one you should read some reviews of inversion tables on sites like Smart Tables  for a more complex over view of them.

However, there are some key things to look at for each table. You should first look at the max weight to see if you can be held by the table itself. If the max weight is under 200lbs and you’re 250lbs then that table isn’t the correct option for you.

You just have to be smart by picking the correct inversion table for you and you can read more of the information online. This is in no way a complete article and you should look up more information.


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How to Find Closeout Deals and What to Do With Them Afterwards

Have you always wanted to put up a store but is clueless on what to sell that others currently do not offer? You might want to know more about closeout deals as this could be the first step towards your dream of becoming a businessman.

Closeout deals are the sales that come as a result of too much inventories. Companies have to get rid of the products in one way or another and closeout deals are a genius way of getting rid of them with minimal loss on their part while giving benefit on wholesaler’s part. Clearly Pagers might be this kind of market that wants to get rid of inventory.

On Finding the Best Closeout Deals

Finding great closeout deals can also be tricky. It is a true test of patience and skills. It might event take you several tries before finally coming across a great deal. By great deal, it means high quality products at a very low price. That way, you are sure of your profit as you sell them at your retail store or dollar store. Here are two great things to remember as you start to enter the world of wholesaling and retailing:

Beware of middlemen. If you happen to come across a middleman first before you have found a really good supplier of wholesale closeout deals, you may be tempted to fall for their offer since it will still be better than the current market retail price. However, what you have to realize is that the middleman’s markup will still hinder you from a better profit and a lower price for your consumers.

Look for a renowned company. The best way to avoid scams, frauds, and questionable transactions is to only deal with renowned and reputable companies. No matter what their current market price is, it will definitely drop for their closeout merchandise.

How to Sell Closeout Deals

The goods that you got from closeout deals are probably of high-quality yet extremely low priced. That alone makes it easy to sell. Most closeout deals even offer products as low as 10% of the original price. To boost your sales even more, here are some quick and easy marketing tactics for selling your purchased closeout deals:

  • Offer freebies. A great example is to have a promo of “buy 1 take 1”. Emphasize on the savings they will get by buying more while you get to dispose more items in a faster way. This works great for items like clothes, lamps, kitchen tools, bathroom tools, and decorations.
  • Do a raffle. It can be a monthly or quarterly promo for all your loyal customers who spend a minimum qualifying amount. Consumers love taking chances at raffles and yours will be no different. Just be sure to make it an exciting one by offering irresistible prizes. Conduct a reliable study of your profit so you can decide on the prizes you can give away.

Once you have mastered the art of finding closeout deals and selling them, it will not take long for you to succeed in the wholesale and retail business.

5 Benefits of Why You Need a Pager, and Now!

You might be wondering “Why buy a pager?” This article answers precisely that. For those of you concerned that it’s impractical or simply are unaware of the distinct advantages of using a pager, prepare to see these handy devices in a new light! The following are only some of the reasons why using a pager might be beneficial to you and your daily activities.

Benefit 1: Group Pages

Many of the newer devices on the market these days take so much time to figure out and get to use. If you are able to set your pager up the right way, a single phone call can be set to send the same pre-programmed page to a million recipients! Because of the nature of the paging system (hooked up to satellites), these will arrive almost instantaneously, unlike SMS messaging. This especially useful when responding to a critical emergency, because responding groups can easily and quickly assemble. It can also be used to update people of certain events during disaster situations or calamities.

Benefit 2: Discretion

Communication technology has moved forward, as seen in the smartphones of today. With their huge screen faces and multi-function capability, these phones are ever-present in our daily routines. However, if you want to keep your messages private, it’s not that easy to do on a 4 or 5 inch screen. Pagers buzz discreetly and have a screen perfect for messages meant solely for your eyes. They also have a more convenient alternative to silence beeps.

Benefit 3: Integration

We have already mentioned how the real-time transmissions of pagers make them eternally useful for emergency situations and tremendous catastrophic events. Another facet in which pagers display their usefulness is for surveillance, reconnaissance and small-scale surveying. Pagers can actually be hooked up or included in a security system to transmit once something has been triggered. Smoke alarms, motion sensors, and IT systems are only some of the examples in which this can be done. This helps you use your pager to monitor either your office, home, or even your refrigerator when you are away!

Benefit 4: Evaluation

It’s much easier to track details about your messages with pagers as well. Whenever your pager will receive a message, it instantly records the time and date of the receipt. This is based on standardised time, as pagers are routed through satellite information. It makes for very easy evaluation of communication that you can be certain is completely accurate!

Benefit 5: Mature Technology

Pagers have been around for quite some time, and they have grown over the past few years. Developments have led to more lightweight, functional pagers like the modern two-way pager. Benefits of paging have been cited often in other fields, making pagers a great tool!

Sooner or Later, You’ll Need an Appliance Repair Service – Here’s Why

The various appliances around our house help make our lives so much more convenient. They free up our schedules and allow us to focus on the more important things in life. However, as with all things in life, these will eventually break down. Want to relax in front of the TV after a long day, but the images are blurred? Burnt clothes from an overheating iron? These situations are inevitable with broken appliances, and can be highly frustrating. Fear not! There’s a simple, efficient answer to all these problems- professional appliance repair services.

This is a great solution, as there are skilled professionals trained appliance repair Baltimore such as  this service  specifically to repair broken machines. There are a variety of repair service companies to choose from that should be able to get your appliances working once more! These professionals will be able to determine whether you need to repair or complete replacement. Also, you won’t have your hair standing on end from electric shocks. Having an repair service check your appliances frees you from the risk of burning yourself as well, should you try and fix your appliance yourself.

No matter how well you care for your appliance, it will naturally be subject to wear and tear. Over time, this will lead to inefficient and ineffective appliances. This could be precipitated by the age or frequent usage of the appliance, or even some other variable you don’t know about. When your appliance stops working, there is no other choice for you except to do the task on your own. For machines that process a lot of things in a short span of time, their breakage can result into a lot of inconvenience. Working professionals don’t have a lot of time, and if your dishwasher or washing machine breaks down, having to go through all the dishes and clothes will eat up into your day. Replacing these appliances entirely is quite expensive, and not everyone can just buy a new washing machine every year or so. As such, the advantage of a repair service is that they help you prolong the life of your appliances for the most convenience possible. They’ll repair the broken part for you, tell you what needs to be replaced, and give you information you otherwise wouldn’t have known. There are even maintenance and repair specialists who excel in fixing a particular appliance like air conditioning, washing machines, ovens, etc.

Before you call on a paid repair service, don’t forget to check if you still fall under the warranty period. If the warranty still applies, you’re eligible for a free repair service. Utilising appliance repair services will spare you a whole lot of trouble, keep your household free from appliance-related danger, and may even save you enough money to buy more appliances. Household appliances are great machines that help our lives. Likewise, appliance repair professionals provide a great service to extend the convenience of those machines. Make use of them wisely!